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This song is by 7 Blue Skies and appears on the album Exhausted (2005).

Open up and let it in
It's like the coming of the storm
One feeling overtaking me
One grin that still awakens me

But it's strong and moving on
It's like the pressing of the mob
So hard to get out under from
The roof that traps the sun

Take a spin and block the rays
Save us from the coming days
Is nothing left for us to do
Our time is through

I put it on
There's a face in the distance and it's burning up
I put it on
There's a scar on the surface that keeps turning up

Go inside and plant a seed
Be how destructive you will be
No force on earth can stop it now
Walls are in place to keep us out

Once the damage has been done
You can return to where you're from
To start it over once again
The cycle never ends

I put it on
When you're left there with nothing and you've had enough

Let it go just let it go
Lose control

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