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Nuts For You

This song is by 77s and appears on the album Pray Naked (1992).

Goin' my own way
Gives me a thrill
Until I take a spill
Oh, what a kill
Goin' my own way
I have to flag a ride
Out to the end of the road
Where I've already died

But if you pick me up
You'll need to dust me off
'Cause I'm low down, dirty
Good for nothing' I thought
Yeah, if you pick me up
You'll need to carry me
'Cause I'm damaged, naked
Blind, I cannot see
No I cannot see

Goin' my own way
It's such a colorful ride
Where my heart
Spells out my crimes
In living black and white
Goin' my own way
I can't get my fill
I need to know your will
I need to know your will

'Cause it's a crowded road
It's a lost highway
Where you still carry your load
At the end, at the end,
At the end of the day
But if I take your trail
I can lose that weight
Shed it off, shake it out
Move it on, move it out
Get it off, get it out

If I take your trail
I'm bound to fail
In the eyes of this world
Where what a man does
Is what a man's worth
But it's worth it all
If I can look you in the face
At the end of this road
At the end of this place
I may bust my butt
They may say I'm nuts
But I'm nuts for you
I'm nuts for you
If it's what you'd have me to do
I'll be a nut for you

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