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Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba

This song is by 77s and appears on the album All Fall Down (1984) and on the live album Echos O' Faith (1993).

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"If it works, then it must be
Good. If it's good, then it must
Be true..."

Welcome to the truth custom made
Come in and have some lemonade
Reality will readjust while we evade
The issues that are pressing us
And getting so depressing but
Undressing and unstressing
Makes them go away

We're tired of solid ground
We're wired up for sound
From any fool who'll keep us
Cool with all his lies
Cool with all his lies

We believe, we believe
'Cause we felt it burning in our hearts
And it's true, yes it's true
If it gets us all through the night
For the rest of our lives

If there's a master race, we're one
And if by chance they drop the bomb
The heat will never find us
'Cause we've learned to run
No absolutes to spoil our time
So we won't have to change our minds
Just hope that we won't die
While we're still in our prime

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