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Salt Sinks & Sugar Floats (1996)Edit

764-Hero - Salt Sinks & Sugar Floats
Salt Sinks & Sugar Floats
  1. Impossible Waste
  2. Sick of Apologizing
  3. Sliding
  4. I'm Not Going Anywhere
  5. Pitiful Rattle
  6. Newly Fast
  7. Quadrophenia
  8. Loner Getaway Car
  9. Gospel Truth
  10. The Way a Leash Feels
  11. Dodge

We're Solids (1997)Edit

We're Solids
We're Solids
  1. Comb the Carpet
  2. Wait Until Five
  3. Sunburnt
  4. I'm Lying
  5. Dragon
  6. Check the Address
  7. Stutter Steps

Get Here and Stay (1998)Edit

764-Hero - Get Here and Stay
Get Here and Stay
  1. Loaded Painted Red
  2. History Lessons
  3. Ward's Country
  4. Calendar Pages
  5. Ottawa Dropout
  6. Watch the Silverware
  7. Get Alone
  8. Typo
  9. Stained Glass
  10. Coastline

Weekends of Sound (2000)Edit

764-Hero - Weekends of Sound
Weekends of Sound
  1. Terrified of Flight
  2. Without Fire
  3. Out Like a Light
  4. Weekends of Sound
  5. Leslie
  6. Left Hanging
  7. You Were the Long Way Home
  8. Something Else
  9. Blue Light

Nobody Knows This is Everywhere (2002)Edit

764-Hero - Nobody Knows This is Everywhere
Nobody Knows This is Everywhere
  1. Oceanbound
  2. Photographic Evidence
  3. The Long Arm of the Law
  4. Answers
  5. Skylines
  6. You Were a Party
  7. Satellites
  8. At the Surface
  9. Confetti Confessional
  10. Shoot a 45


Additional information

Artist information:


Years active:

1995 - 2002

Former members:
  • John Atkins
  • Polly Johnson
  • James Bertram
  • Robin Peringer
Record labels:

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