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​Whole Lot Better

This song is by 707 and appears on the album 707 (1980).

When I sleep, will you be right next to me

I need you beside me, when the morning comes

And if I dream, will you bear that dream with me

I need you inside me, when the morning comes

When the morning comes

It's gonna be a whole lot better

I feel it down inside, I need to have you next to me

It's gonna be a whole lot better

Oh inside you, my love will be all right

Like the sun, how your brightness fills my eyes

When I'm here beside you, till the morning comes

As for words, there's not one that can describe

All the love around you, when the morning comes

Take me lady, ooh, why don't you, lady, lady, oh

Yeah, lady, I want to be next to you...

Lady, lady, oh... (to fade)

Written by:

Duke McFadden