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This song is by 69 Squad.

We demand the right to know,
as if it's gonna help us,
like the truth is something we can really use.
Always asking questions,
never listening for answers,
how and why and where and which and what and who.
Ignorance is bliss,
well maybe not exactly but you get my drift,
if not a holy state then close.
Closer than the scholar who knows more and more
of less and less 'til he knows all of nothing
and needs help to blow his nose.
You know ignorance breeds fear,
and fear is my enemy
But I don't mind at all,
'cos ignorance will keep me safe from you.
Knowledge God had not freely given was the original sin,

Including sorcery,
the sciences and medicine.
If all that seems reactionary,
look how they're replacing Him,

How long 'til He returns to wipe the slate clean and begin again?

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