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​Bring It To An End

This song is by 69 Solution.

In response to a white power war
And the corporate lust that's gone too far,
Distorted root, inflated values; gender domination:
We need a reaction!
We've got the problem now,
It's time to resist.
Commercial policies are the ones we'll never miss.
We might look back to ensure a better task,
We might be ready to act.
Bring it to an end!
Stop this fascist ideology.
Sexists, racists, the white supremacy
Together we will fight for unity.
And we'll stop this war!
We'll stop this tyranny.
Respect isn't the ability to lure but in the other hand I'dm not that quite sure 'Cause in a world where a dollar is worth a million voices,
We've got to enlist, we've got to enlist!
They say that labour is generating jobs.
But how do you open a door when you cannot see the knob? I'dm sick of this shit and I no longer want to be a man, 'Cause it's to damn sickening my friend.
It will happen to you or someone you thought you knew.
You will question until the end!