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​Beat Generation

This song is by 5x and appears on the album UR 5X RU (2006).

*Day by day, you're just feeling down and down

Time and time, search'in in the bloodless down town

Awaken your body, but your mind says hell no

To be or not to be, what's you gonna do?

**You say "Swallow the anger and live in the hunger.

I wanna stay in the sorrow, death awaits us all anyway".

No one can dig you out from your desperation

Nothing to share for your dead stimulation

Wiser is takers, Givers are losers

Fooling yourself, you've got L on your forehead

***You say "Hell is paved with good intentions.

I don't need your lecture, tomorrow is the same."

****Living in Beat Generation over and over again

Living in Beat Generation

Words by Miwa Saita, Music by George Azuma