5 Days Ahead:One Second Late Lyrics

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5 Days Ahead
This song is performed by 5 Days Ahead.
Sun rises on another gloomy day.
Again I'm dressed in black, it's not healthy to feel this way.
Constant fear running through my head.
Dreams turn to nightmares I wake in a pool of tears.
And everyday I feel I'm losing you. Please wait.
(So I hold it inside and I will not let you go now.)
I'm not ready to say goodbye now. Please stay.
You're slipping through my fingers again.
I watch another frail piece of you wither away.
I try to sleep. Is this only a dream? I pray this is only a dream.
I pray this is only a dream. Is this the part where we say goodbye?
I'll try to hold it in. It's just so hard.

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