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One Second Late

This song is by 5 Days Ahead and appears on the album As Life Passes You By... (2002).

Sun rises on another gloomy day.
Again I'm dressed in black, it's not healthy to feel this way.
Constant fear running through my head.
Dreams turn to nightmares I wake in a pool of tears.
And everyday I feel I'm losing you. Please wait.
(So I hold it inside and I will not let you go now.)
I'm not ready to say goodbye now. Please stay.
You're slipping through my fingers again.
I watch another frail piece of you wither away.
I try to sleep. Is this only a dream? I pray this is only a dream.
I pray this is only a dream. Is this the part where we say goodbye?
I'll try to hold it in. It's just so hard.

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