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Hate The World

This song is by 5 Billion Dead and appears on the EP 5 Billion Dead (2004).

I've always wondered why
Old people don't mind to die
But now I understand
They go to a better place
Leave with a small trace
Of what it is to deal

I've put up with too much shit in this world
Too many feelings in my head
Wouldn't leave me alone and now I'm dead
All these years have come and gone
I didn't meant to hurt you with this song

Hate the World

I don't know
How all these people can
Deal with all the shit
In this fucked up world

I wanna roam this ain't my fucking home
Please understand
That this isn't wrong.

I hate the world and what we've done with it
I hate the world, and I'm so fucking sick
Hat the world for what it's done to me
Hat the world can't you fucking see

I put up with the same shit everyday
It's just like this it's hard to get out of my bed
Slow pains forming in my head
Everything else just falls apart
Even when I try to start.

Hate the World

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