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​She Like

This song is by 54th Platoon and appears on the album All or N.O.thin (2003).

(Verse One)
Baby I see you and I'm noticing you notice me
We at the same spot so this is the place to be
I'm feeling you baby so lets see bout our chemistry
You got a look on your face like baby come to me
You vibrant and you smiling so nigga don't want to leave
'Cause I'm in a position that every bra wanna be
If you bought it at the end of the night come with me
Ain't trying to get in your pants, we gone get someting to eat
Look lil mama, your mind is what I'm after
So I gotta ask ya
Whacha love, whacha hate
Ooh I gotta have ya
'Cause you speaking the right words that I want to hear
Get a lil closer, let me whisper in your ear
I got a love jone
For your body and your skin tone
Got what it takes to make grown men moan
We almost to the end zone
You grab me and gladly, I'm lil daddy and we can get it on

As soon as I get home she like...
And when I whisper in her ear she like...
And when I lay her on the bed she like...
And when I hit it all night she like...

(Verse Two)
Look here love... come holla at a playa
And don't be scared 'cause your girl say I'm a trouble maker
She said I don't know y'all niggaz in the back trippin'
Well if it's all right with you, we can get the dippin
Not to be rude and don't get it twisted
'Cause I ain't noting like the other dudes in here
I just wanna stop screaming stuff in your ear
Love, come and talk with me
Tell me what you bout
Enough of that small talk
'Cause baby we can ooowy

(Verse Three)
Now I can see me and you up in a hot tub
Makin' hot love
Till the morning, can't nobody stop us
Bay we'd be locked up, just like some pittbulls
Satisfaction guaranteed 'cause I'm this good
I just wanna please you
Hug and squeeze you
Don't move for nothing, I got everything you need boo
Keep it on the B2, Blade switching
If you got a head wicha
Kick it all day wicha

Uh Yeah... One love to my nigga Jay Brown
Know what I'm saying good looking, and all my peoples
C Boogie, My nigga K.B.,
Know what I'm saying, Jay and all my peoples
Dame we in this motherfucker, know what I'm saying
It's big pimpin' goin' down...