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​Holdin' It Down

This song is by 54th Platoon and appears on the album All or N.O.thin (2003).

(Feat. Lil' Jon and The Eastside Boyz)

5-4... 5-4... 5-4... 5-4... 5-4... [Repeated several times]

We gon' hustle, grind (grind!), stack (stack!), paperz (paperz!)
Pimp hoez (pimp!), kick do's (kick!), duck-tape, caperz (duck! yeah!)
Smoke (smoke!), dro (dro!), drank (drank!), Hen (Hen!)
For niggaz holdin' it down from the block to the pen (YEA!)

Dirty South, dirty mouth, yes, I'm guilty nigga
Keep a pistol by my side for dem filthy niggaz
To these bitchez out there thinkin' they can tilt me nigga
I'm a pimp by blood, you feel me nigga?

Y'all got a track funky like fuckin' wit no ??? for nothin'
Who these bitchez lovin'? Who these hoez wanna be huggin'?
When they see us in the club, the 5-4 be thuggin'
Dappin' and huggin', these niggaz and bitchez who give a fuck and...

My nigga the block hot, glock on me
Tryina harm me nigga, we gon' bring a whole army
Swarm like bee's, street bleed from squeeze armin'
Supreme cream team, open shop whip stormin'
Nigga, back da fuck off me!

Fuck it, just lemme slide off into it
Pull out the rugerz, introduce you and yo kin to it
I hate the game, taught to neva be a friend to it
Still watchin' cornerz, and dem pistols put'em into it
I'm into it...

I gotta, hustle and fetish for dat dub-green lettuce
Bustin' ova niggaz hatin' me like Jerome Bettis
Let it be known that I'm a lil' dirty red nigga
Blowin' yo mind like hangin' wit thirty dred niggaz

Bitch, I'm a 9th ward, die-hard, pull yo card nigga
I'm from the N.O., downtown, 54 nigga
Bustin' till it ain't no mo nigga, you'za hoe nigga
Soon as you see me comin', you holdin' yo bitchez close nigga!

(Lil' Jon] [x2)
Fuck y'all bitchez, get fucced up bitch
Fuck y'all bitchez, get fucced up bitch
You don't want none, you don't want none
You don't want none, you don't want none