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This song is by 540.

Give me the strength to get back up
You push me down
You shut me out
It was a slap to the face
You made me feel low
Lower than I've ever felt before
Thoughts cross my mind and now I find
I'm all alone and no one cares
And no one cares

All my dreams turn to nightmares
Hating myself, hating who I am
Dying inside and I won't deny
I'm searching for that someone I can't find
No one to talk to, to call my friends
When will this pain end
I want to give up 'cause I know that you don't care
And you don't care

You think you're safe and sound
But goes around comes around
And I won't wait for you to try
And it will all come down on you
And there's nothing you can do
'Cause I've got way too much pride

Now it's over, I know how you feel
And I know you live a lie
There's nothing left to do, I've done all I can
So I leave it up to you.

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