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Blue Sky

This song is by 54-40 and appears on the album Casual Viewin' (2000).

Blue sky over my head, green grass at my feet
And the winding road before me touches gold
And all the things I loved are now shadows in the sun
Since you cut my conscience down to the bone.

And I'm going out of my head living without you
How could you think that I would be alright living without you
Pretty thing
Baby, baby-baby come back
Baby, baby-baby come back. (to me)

Now the road is dark and silent as the moon
The wind that's blowing through me feels like you
Lazy days all the same but the nights won't go away
It's beginning to look like the end is coming soon.

Seems like yesterday you held me in your arms
Now you've gone away and left me on my own.

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