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The Rapture

This song is by 52 Minutes.

Rise, do what your called to (Tear out your eyes)
Rip out your eyes, the judgement awaits you (I gave my life)
Life, is this what we've come to? (I never do)
Do what I say, or I will destroy you (I fell behind)

Caught beneath the surface in a selfish state of mind
Blocking out these visions
Strangled by confusion, and eating me alive
Sucking out my secrets, reveal it all.

I lost my way when the shadows ripped apart the day
And we dig our graves (rip apart the life he gave you)
This choice was made to defend the weak and lead the way
But not to

Scratching at the surface and tearing out my eyes
Revealing all my insides.
I'm weighing out my problems and hoping for a change,
I'm giving what I took away.

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