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This song is by 51 Peg and appears on the album Strange Appointments (2000).

Don't be silly you're happy alreay so keep yourself steady and rool with the wake of the wonderful nurturing burgeoning wave you're on
It's not so terrible taking your feelings your innermost colors your secrets and dealings and placing them all in a shiny new silver box
Cursed for caring the visage you're wearing is tearing its own eyes out and taking a good long look at itself
So don't be silly you're happy already
Don't run away - wrestle with your anger - don't run away - I'll never be stranger
Curb hostility tap your ability open the door to place in your mind where the beauty exceeds all the ugliness in your life
Don't deny what is painfully evident back up your relevance never forget that the darkness you feel is an alternate form of light
Can't get used to the horse you're on you've gotta wonder
Can't get used to the horse you're on you've gotta roll

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