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Sierra View

This song is by 511point7 and appears on the EP Unsung Heroes (2008).

At the summit of this mountain range
We're looking down
Burned all the maps they gave to us
And made our own way
But that sparkle in your eyes is dead
And I can tell
Your mind and soul have left me here
As you worry
That we'll never make it down from here
But where do you want to go?
I thought we climbed this mountainside
To enjoy the view together

You know this might not be forever
But that doesn't mean we're ending
We're just a little to young to think that far ahead
So let's cross that bridge when we get there

You seem to think it's dangerous
For us to stay here
I wish you'd take this memory
Break the glass
If it were up to me we'd never leave
And why would we?
When everything we'd ever need
Is right here

Doesn't matter if it's forever
Because I know that you are worth it
I'm just a little to deaf to hear what they say
So slow down and savor this moment

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