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This song is by 511point7 and appears on the EP Unsung Heroes (2008).

Set all in stone
Against her broken will
What became of her
The one that we once new
Bent out of shape
No longer herself
Becoming something else
Set aside her dreams
She writes every night
The things he makes her do
Sends her prayers above
Just can't break away
Her faded smiles
Can't hide away
The pain she feels inside
Oh God, please help her
But she's not alone
Another looks on
Can't bear her pain
He'd treat her better
Then came that night
When she fell victim
The other looked on
But couldn't hold his tongue
The other died that night
To save the one he loved
Gave her time to flee
Sacrificed his life
She survived that night
All was in thanks to
A voice she'd never heard
And one she never will
What a hero
What a hero

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