50 Cent:Fat Bitches (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Fat Bitches (Freestyle)

This song is by 50 Cent.

in the gym i see ya ass up on the stairmaster ,
but you got it on level two bitch go a little faster
look girl, i aint gon lie, i'll tell you how i feel
they should to handcuff ya big ass to the treadmill
you wanna work out now, cuz you know its gettin hot
and ya big ass finna pop all up out a halter top
find a right chick wearin some tight shit , its on
see ya ass wear some tight shit we like, she wrong

Dont get stuck on the thing they say cuz it a nasty world
I aint fuck'n with you anyway cuz u know you's a nast girl
i aint never ganna dicriminate so let me compliment your eyes