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No Limit

This song is by 504 Boyz and appears on the album Goodfellas (2000).

Shit I said fuck a nigga
Nigga gon hate anyway
You kno what I'm sayin?
If ya'll havent heard
Shit lemme let ya kno
Mr. Magic is a soulja
Till the day that I die

Niggas gon yap ya kno what I'm sayin?
All that yappin? I say Fuck em

Bitch I'm a soulja, (until the day that I die)
A No Limit soulja, (yes I am, Yes I am)
I thought that I told ya (and nothing or no one can eva change that)
Aint no need to ask me why
I'ma a soulja till I die

I'm a soldier see the tank on my neck?
Mr. Magic is my name ya'll better gimme respect.
You might remember me from seeing me posted up on the block
Wit a 45 glock, and a mouth full of rocks
Hustlin like I didnt even care
Wakin up my neighbors poppin pistols in tha air
Tryin to make a million
Put in all night flights
I'm prayin 'cause I'm knowin that my life aint right
Forgive me 'cause I'm wrong Lord
I'm beggin for forgiveness
And now I'm hustlin a whole nother business
Tryin to do right for all the people that I hurt in the process of growin up
I've changed my ways
I guess thats why I'm blowin up
I'm coming back for all my peeps
Just tryin to stay alive and keep ya ass off the streets
The ones that got to hustle just to eat
I say prayer for you fore I fall asleep

How many heard sky's the limit?
Shit I ain't finished, this is only the beginning
I'm with No Limit
Just think I'm in my prime
If I'm not the best just give me some time and
I'll change ya mind
Niggas like me hard to find
Genuine, I'm the only of my kind
Young black and full of pride
Wit a mind that teach the whole world
If you just listen to my words
Ya'll can feel my pain
A lot of years wasted
Buku's friends died
A lot of wet faces
The other half caught a bunch of fuckin cases
So still a lot of tender spaces
Wish I could erase their hate
Who said money makes you happy?
It can never bring back my daddy
So fuck the Navi and the Caddy
I'm hopin ya'll can hear me
'Cause I'm speaking this from the heart
Me and my fans never torn apart.