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My Time Is Up

This song is by 500 Miles to Memphis and appears on the album Sunshine in a Shotglass (2007).

I was born in a mining town by the name of Bluefield, WV
Now I'm sixty-seven and I lived a good life
I got about an hour left in me
Been comatose for the past six months
I've had plenty of time to think
I can hear my family talking to me
I'd give anything to speak
I need a miracle tonight
Please god give me that right
Just three little words
One last hug and one more kiss
I got to tell my baby that she's going to be missed, and I'll be watching up above
I met a redhead at the age of twenty-one
I knew I had to make her mine
Had a loving marriage of forty-five
Still proud to call her my wife
I can hear her crying over me
Her tears are falling on my cheeks
Now don't you worry everything will be fine
You know I hate to see you cry
I can't make it through the night
At least I put up a fight
This is not the end
One goodbye for now so long
I'm not here, but I won't be gone
I'll be watching from afar
My time is up
I'm heading home
My love and memories?
Well there coming with me, and they're staying with you

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