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This song is by 500 Miles to Memphis and appears on the album Sunshine in a Shotglass (2007).

Going to go out tonight
Prob'ly get into a little bit of trouble
The way things are going that sounds about right, because now I'm drunk and wired
By the time I make it to bed
I've thirty voices stuck in my head, and I can't answer all these calls
The way you dial a phone babe, you've got a lot of gall

Darlin' darlin' get up off my back
I'm going nowhere and I ain't looking back

You're nagging me out of my mind
You're helping my habit one day at a time
I know you ain't gonna take the blame, but darlin' I think that's a shame

"When I get home I ain't going to bed
I'm going to dial your phone thirty times instead
And you're not going to answer my calls
Oh boy you sure got balls"

Darlin' darlin' there's something here I lack
I'm going I'm going and I ain't looking back

"You can't stay out all night long just pack when you get home
You can't stay out every night I think you'll be alright

Darlin' darlin'
Get up off my back
I'm going I'm going
I ain't got much to pack
Darlin' darlin'
Hold that ashtray tight
You're nervous I'm leaving, I think you'll be alright

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