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All My Friends Are Crazy

This song is by 500 Miles to Memphis and appears on the album Sunshine in a Shotglass (2007).

All my friends are crazy, but that just ain't me
I never listen to what they say
They're all good hearted with good intentions, but that don't matter much when I am here

Pointless advice to ease my pain
I take it with a grain, because there's no way I'll be sleeping tonight
It's alright
And I wait for the new year
They'll be breaking some hearts my dear
I can't say that I'm not the same
Another year and another heartache
I hope it gets better than this

I learn the hard way
What's a lesson if I can't live it and walk away?
Until then I'll retire to the same place I've been trying leave all this time
Hey bartender I'll have another

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