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This Is the Life

This song is by 4Thirty.

(Feat. TJ Boyce)

Street dreams are made of these
Who am I to disagree

24's on a Chevrolet
Peanut butter inside
Drunk then a motherfucker'
I'm a let my bitch drive
Steering the wheel
I want her to see just how a rich nigga feel
On tha real
For real
I got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
Left hand on the wheel
Otha on my nine
Can you picture this
Ballin on the real motion picture shit
Autographs red carpets everybody taking flicks
Nah h-town where you at
Took a trip cross the world in a coupe deville lac
Let'em let'em feel that
Look I'm off in the wind
Let's get this money get this money
Got some paper to spend
Shake it for me shake it for me

Whether you trappin on tha block
Or you work a 9 to 5
Get your money
Stack your paper
Keep a hustle on the side
Go gettas keep it movin
Let them hatas do they job
Drop the top down on ya ride
Show ya grill when you smile
And tell em

(Hook: TJ)
This is tha life
I'm livin' it up (aaao)
It's all that I know
I can't get enough (yeah this is the life)
Street dreams are made of these (aaao)
Who am I to disagree (yeah this is the life)

Paper Paper
The only thing my minds on
Steady clockin in my own damn time zone
Let's leave the troubles behind
Smile momma I made it
On this ladder
And I'm destined to climb
To the sky
To the sky
It's a bird
It's a plane
4thirty wilding like we won a championship game (cheers)
I'm just happy that we made it here
Blow tha smoke tell dem hoes this is our year
Nah tell me whatcha think about it
Got 6 4's on hydrolics
Followed by dem big denali's
Ruff riding on decati's (hey)
Get ya money there's a hunid ways
We ain't tripping cause our money made


Riding by fast on the feeder fuck the interstate
84's white wall tires on that 88
Alpine music bumping sounding like a earthquake
Knocking pictures off the wall rims spinning both ways
In my three point stands
Straight up off of the block
4thirty be the gang
Rahddy pass me the rock
Got a pocket full of gwop
Chopping blades in my drop
Crank the heat up just a notch
Hold up chris that's way to hot
Way to hot
Wipe me down
I'm on
How ya like me now
I am soaring
Some where in the clouds
What kind of dro did pro just pass to me
It got me higher then giraffe pussy


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