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Behind The Screens

This song is by 4th25 and appears on the album Live In Iraq (2005).

I've been around the block
I've seen what's happening
This is just a game to some of you
Best the rest of us are not laughin'

Cause to me my lifes worth more
Than just part of your fraction
When divided represents
The number of us killed in action

Thought I could trust those in charge
Look at me now I'm laughin'
Think its funny how you keep fuckin' up
And want me to respect you

Fuck the rank on your collar
That don't mean shit
Even if you got 4 stars on em
You still a bitch

Got out here like slaves
Fresh of the ship
Where you would see us pick your cotton
And get our ass whipped

Cause right now
That's what's happenin' and y'all ain't doin' shit
But tyin my hands to my ankles
Telling me stop Michael vick

And could you please explain to me
What is hostile intent
And why you gave me a mouthful of water
And complain when I spit

No I ain't mad I'm a soldier
Ill kill for my country
I'm only pissed
Cause you brought me all the way out here just to fuck me

Behind the screens in this theatre
It's a whole lot of issues
And it's a lotta balls dropped
That eventually kill us

And for some
That's the reason that yalls familys now miss you
All cause one mofuckers out here
Playin' with continues

But this game has no restarts
Soon as death comes to get you
Ain't no cheat codes for life here
Just the one god gives you

But they got us out here like naw
Death wont get you
But explain that to the families
Of the soldiers lives y'all ruined

Y'all can't have a clue of
The fuck y'all doin'
As many soldiers lives
As your decisions have ruined

Got us out here getting fucked up
That's all we doin'
While y'all fly around with yalls cape on
Pretendin y'all not stupid

But I've seen too many car bombs
We are not allowed to shoot at
Come from the rear of a convoy
Now how the fuck we letm do that

Cause in my mind
Wouldn't no car ride that close
If at all times I'm authorized
To exercise my bolt

And I've been through yalls AO
I've seen how y'all work it
Tahoe or suburban
For every civilian there workin

But it's too much
For an 1114 here am I not worth it
Or is it ok to send me to war
With something that's not workin

And y'all rewardin this country
Though the violence ain't stopped
Feedin the same fuckers killen us
And that's pissin me off

No I ain't come here to be no target
But that's what you make me
And I'm just wonderin when y'all gone let me
Take this weapon off safety.

Probably should of kept this to myself
But my conscious wont see it
So I can pull no punches
I can only tell it how I see it

And everything from my perspective
Is definitely warped
And why the fuck we train soldiers
To let politicians fight wars

And if the medias gon be here
Letme see the truth
Don't ask soldiers to pose
And pretend wars cute

And fuckem if they don't understand
The job we are here to do
This is war and people will die
Innocent ones to

And the only reason we are here
Is cause diplomacy failed
And to the day we redeployed
We should have unleashed hell

But y'all talk a lot more shit
Than y'all would ever commit
Telling me wave and be nice
Shit I'm trying to grab my dick

And walk this country like I'm god
Instead you made me a bitch
And now this country think I'm soft
And they are killin' us quick

I know you gotta see this is broke
Then why the fuck it ain't fixed
'Cause I'd a never left home
If you'd a told me you was cutting my wrists

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