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Bad Dreams

This song is by 4dbling.

(Feat. Progress Running)

We could sit and watch the city lights
Make a promise - maybe kiss on it
Baby put your heart into my microphone
Like it? take you home, make you moan - just like - you used to do
You feel like heroin - but I don't gotta comedown
Ever again 'cause we could - get high like this
Put the needle in my arm - works like a fuckin' charm
Da bomb like HIROSHIMA - makin' me scream
Take me to the top of the whole fuckin' scene
You my heart throb - start stop - make me a star
I'ma take you to the top - baby That's how far
And if we make it to heaven and the gates close on us
I'll go to hell with you - I put my life on it

Ya ya girl, I ain't nuttin but a gangstaa
Look at how I walkin' with that limp in my step
Big diamonds on my neck - hair all in my face
Converse on my feet - with my strap on my waist
I'ma boss like ross - but I look like posh
Ima take it to the streets bitch - that's how I floss
No matter what the cost - it ain't nuttin to me
I take my bitch on a shopping spree everday of the week
Like oh my god - is that prada?
Why yes of course - stayin' fresh like Obama
It's 4Dbling - and my homie B on the hook
And we stuntin' so much, make y'all girls look

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