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Good Lookin'

This song is by 4 Runner.

Today I saw a lady I've never seen before
My eyes popped out of their sockets
And my tongue just hit the floor
She was good lookin'
She was good lookin'
Driving along in a Cadillac
I never knew they made 'em like that (Women, that is)

Well, I pulled up along side of her to check her upholstery
She had everything and everything
Was right where it should be
She was good lookin'
She was good lookin'
She gave me a smile, she hit the gas
I didn't know they made 'em that fast (Cadillacs, that is)

Now, when I say she's gone
I mean she's out of sight
And I am gonna find her
If it takes all day and night

Well, I don't know where she comes from
And I don't know where she is
But it's a Saturday night downtown, my friend
And I will tell you this
It will be good lookin'
Good lookin'
When I find her she's gonna see
She never kew they made 'em like me (Men, that is)

Man, that woman is good lookin'
Good lookin'
Good lookin'
Good lookin'

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