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A Heart With 4 Wheel Drive

This song is by 4 Runner.

Drivin' down a dark road
Can't see my hand in front of my face
I'm just spinnin' my wheels again
Stuck in this same old place
Oh, the bridge is out up ahead
And the river's on the rise
I'm too far gone to turn around
I need a heart with 4 wheel drive

I can't get no traction
When I look into your eyes
When you kiss me tenderly
My wheels get paralyzed
Somewhere down the highway
I'm gonna find that exit sign
But I can't get these wheels turnin'
I need a heart with 4 wheel drive
I need a heart with 4 wheel drive

Every time you crank me up
You take me down a dead-end street
You hitch a ride just long enough
To watch me overheat
Well, I've got tears all over my windshield
And rain pouring out of my eyes
There's only one way out of here
I need a heart with 4 wheel drive

(Repeat Chorus)

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