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​Higher To Fall

This song is by 48 Rooms.

Higher to fall...
Higher to fall...

Its there, inside my mind.
Nothing more to hide.
And nothing to show,
For all my torment...

I can't go back, more.
Just turn to me, and Ill show you,
Exactly what's in store.
But still you look away, turn around,
And gently close the door.

Higher to fall...
Higher to fall...

Descend, below the line.
Afraid, of what you might find...
And was it a mistake,
To let your guard down?

We can't go back, more.
Ill never go back, a second time,
Never return to the scene of the crime.
And you know what's in store,
As we climb, even higher,
And higher to come down.

It's not so far away...

I can see now it was all just a f#@$ing mistake.

Climb higher to fall.