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Slice O' Life

This song is by 45 Grave and appears on the album Sleep in Safety (1983).

Livin in a nightmare
I wake up and you're still there
Gonna turn the screw
Cause you know that's where it's at
Gonna tell you what to do
I'm wearing my coonskin cap
The good, the bad, and the bloody
Never on Sunday
My mom had a bad dream
With fuzzy wuzzy hair
I was in a nightmare
She was eating coffee ice cream
Where everything's just the way you like
You'll be home now
You'll be home now
Everything's just mighty nice
You're so nice, you're very sweet
You'll be home now

With ice cream and candy and good things to eat
You say you developed a taste
For the flesh of your own race
You'll be home now
With a french-fried hand
You're a bloodthirsty butcher man
You'll be home now
Where everything's gonna be alright
You'll be home now
It's nice to take your time
You'll be home now
You'll be home now
Sit down, relax, and just watch TV
If I was you, then you'd be me
You'll be home now

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