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Ruthless Is Reality

This song is by 415 and appears on the album 41Fivin (1988).

(Feat. Brotha Broski, Icee B)

Step aside, fly, D-Loc's got a posse
I'm in the house with the young Brotha Broski
Along with me is Icee B
And my homie Dubble-R makes the shit complete
Today we got a message that we wanna kick
It's legit but on the ruthless tip
So like this, in the place to be
I'd like to introduce the young Brotha Broski

(Brotha Broski)
Walkin' through the streets
The crime rate still stands to be, held in a cell with no release
Seven counts of crime, the prime suspect
Dialect identifies a brother, that's with lyrics
But those that oppose to this, then immediately
Pump a muthafucka just to prove I'm soon to be
The leader, so follow the proceedures of thee
Impossible, unstoppable, undefeatable Brotha Broski
Is runnin' and gunnin suckers down, well, let me catch my breath
Because you ain't heard nothin' yet
You know I'ma blow because I ain't no joke
Proceed with caution when approachin a criminal
I'm strictly equipped, the vocab is kept stunnin
Many words will impress, huh, so yo, I keep 'em comin'
As I step out with the bailor, move towards the door
Slammin' behind me, "Yo man, what you in for?"
A murder beef, see? And that oughta prove to any fool
Don't step up - and that goes for you
Be true to the game and the game will be true to you
Man, I ain't playin', I'm with the ruthless school
See, it's simple and plain, no need for me to deny, you see
Face the facts that ruthless is reality

DJ Daryl cuts up:
[Dr. Dre:] (Ruthless is the way to go, they know)
Ruthless is reality

Hey yo, my main man Dubble-R - step to em, man

(Richie Rich)
It's a late night, and everybody's asleep
But me, because I'm tryin' to creep
I got a family to feed and a wife that's bitchin
The house to the right, the window and the kitchen
I'm in there, I'm movin quiet as fuck
Hammer's back on my Magnum 'cause I'm pressin my luck
It's just a burglary, man, you know, I'm doin' this
And willin' to kill anyone who tries to ruin this
I need cash, that's what I'm talkin' about
I hear the noise upstairs, so it's time to break out
Plan 1 is out, Plan 2 in effect
The big bank job to get the pockets correct
A devilish scheme to get money and I mean it
A cold-ass plan and boy, you shoulda seen it
Ruthless shit from the gats to the outfits
Somethin' could go wrong, but nigga, I doubt this
AK's ready, maps on the floor
Loc's got the fuse, 'bout to blow the door
As soon as we get inside we're shootin whatever moves
We're gettin' money, we've got no time to lose
Blow the door - damn, the place is empty
Right on time and the shit's startin to tempt me
Safe hella fat but I brought the locksmith
Alarm wires cut so like nothin' could stop this
Posse ain't jokin, reverse lights backin
Van doors open and hustlers stackin
Way too much money for a couple of youths
Put together tight by a villain on the loose
415 is a code you must fess to
And if you don't, I hope you brought your vest through
Cause brothers get busy when it comes to technicalities
It's like this: ruthless is reality

DJ Daryl cuts up:
(Ruthless is the way to go, they know) --> Dr. Dre
Ruthless is reality

Icee B, drop that dope shit

(Icee B)
Never backin down from a punk 'cause I'm a villain
Not afraid to kill, I created the word 'killing'
Bein ruthless is the way that I'm comin' up
Not goin' to jail, and if I do, I don't give a fuck
Sneakin up on ya like a thief in the night
Never givin' a fuck about a sucker, I ain't the soft type
So run up or shut up, boy, see, that's what I'm sayin'
I put the clip in the Uzi and commence the sprayin
Like a smooth operator that operates smoothly
Don't try to hit me, boy, you can't bruise me
I'm a leader, so start followin me
Numero uno, the one they call Icee B
Young gangster by the age of 15
You wanna battle me? You must be a dopefiend
Smokin' and chokin on the rhymes that are dope and
The ones I be fuckin' up be wishin and hopin
Prayin' that Icee B will go legit, go legit
And quit the ruthless style, yo, that's bullshit
And to the punk police who try to stop me
I'm killin' and whoopin they ass cause ruthless is reality

Ruthless is reality
[Dr. Dre] (Ruthless)
Ruthless is reality
Ruthless is reality

(Richie Rich)
Yo Icee B, that was tight
But now it's time for my main man the L-o-c to step to the mic
Yo Loc - step up in and show 'em what time it is

Ruthless is reality

Comin' from the one man Rambo
Here's an example of the way that I'm livin' in the big O
Wanted by the punk police for at least 4
Murders or more, simply because I takes no shorts
I refuse to be caught loose and ridiculed
Who's to choose to disturb the groove I use?
Delusions of madness, I psychologically get pissed
When a sucker confronts me for goin' ruthless
That's the way that I know, so I go for mine
First I lay low, and then yo, I commit the crime
Wipe the finger prints, leavin' no single hint or a clue
To what the fuck I just pursued
Some call it robbery, but shit, it takes care of me
Life ain't easy, man, and this ain't the Cosby's
I do what it takes to get paid in this day and age
Nobody gives a damn or lends me a helping hand
So don't sweat me, I'm doin' exactly
The same as the other (?) if he was in my position
Never downgrade another brother, just love him, see
Cause all the fuck that I'm sayin', man, is ruthless is reality

DJ Daryl cuts up:
[Dr. Dre] (Ruthless is the way to go, they know)
Ruthless is reality

(Repeated until fade)

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