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Taken Aside

This song is by 40 Grit and appears on the album Nothing to Remember (2003).

Let me know when this boiling point has arrived

I don't want to break it down
I'm inclined to let it end
Call me out, Ill meet you there
Right here, right now
Hit you up beside your head
Hit you cause you deserve it
Inclined to let it in
Right now, right here

Now I wonder what you were trying to declare
Loud as thunder, authorities pull ranks again
One last embrace then Ill be on my way

Pull me around, take me aside
Let me know when this boiling point has arrived
I don't know what you've been told
Kinda funny when I look at you getting cold

What you get is what you see
What I need Ill take for free
Borderline on madness after words of last calling
I feel the heat of movement through my veins
I accelerate the poison entering




One to another, this could end in a better way
Let these bygones be bygones
Nothing more to say


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