40 Grit:No Giving In Lyrics

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No Giving In

This song is by 40 Grit and appears on the album Nothing to Remember (2003).

Sometimes when I sit there and scream out my guts
You know you cannot hear a thing
Psycho extremities, masturbation
Breath down the streets, fall my head
Fall through my head
Roll through my head
Never give in

It should have been, it could have worked
I don't see no reason why
It could have been, it should have worked
To each their own sacrifice

Sometimes I will swim through the feces I leave
I spit up your disease
Faking me out, taking me down
Liquor me up you're sticking around
I can't see your disease; I can't hear what you hear
But you see me falling to your weak needs

I hate you (tell my lies)
I hate you more than before
I hate you much more than before