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Breathe It Out

This song is by 3rd Strike and appears on the album Lost Angel (2002).

we gotta stop it cuz we can't feed this disease
too many dead and too many living on their knees
heavenly father make us stronger
help us live in peace
kill this fucking sickness
i need to feel my soul release
we done our time
yeah we felt the pain that life can give
everyday steady dying lord
but still we live so confused abused
and still insanity seems the only way i can feel

breathe it out
or we sink so far down
so far down

fool you kill your brother
and you think that that makes you a man
try to tell his mother why she'll never see her son
fucking coward go hide behind your false pride
street talking facade helps you justify this genocide
that's the card you deal
to hide the pain you feel
claiming homey love but i'm telling you it isn't real
no one's got your back when it's time for you to go
cuz when you leave this world
you'll be going out alone


so try to understand
we gotta save ourselves
cuz our fate lies in our hands
it's you and no one else


we gotta breathe it out
we gotta save ourselves
cry out
kill the violence
cry out
chant the freedom
we gotta breathe it out
we gotta save ouRSELVES
cry out
kill the violence
cry out
chant the freedom

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