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Hit Mix

This song is by 3rd Alley and appears on the album After School Special (2005).

(Words and Music by: Z. Walters)

Preachy 'bout a falsehood trade
Counting fingers, 'bout the lot you made
Nonchalant don't care look plastic smile
Laughin' to the bank with shag hairstyle
Catch myself looking around
Stuck in the shallow end and it's makin' me drown
Lick your finger, and hold it to the sky
Grab your sail man and raise it real high, cause

Eh, who you think you're foolin'
Eh, who you think you're foolin'

Use it abuse it every time I swear you bruise it
Generically rich with your music
And tears fall when you lose it
Turning you on is like a bite from a shark
Bet you'd go pop cause your hollow no heart
Rooftop, we're looking down
Watching your red flowers turn brown

Hit mix, it's your profession
Don't confuse passion with obses

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