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This song is by 3 Inches Of Blood and appears on the album Advance And Vanquish (2004).

born with shining steel in hand, fightings all you know
mastering the blade, to kill those who betray
with skill and deadly grace, severed heads erase
a wrong that has been done, only death can overcome
master of the blade, wielder of the steel
with iron fury, killer fire and speed
with his mighty sword he reaps his vengeance
coming from the depths to right a wrong
from the depths of hell
to deal his wrath
swordmaster, bounty hunter for the damned
stand and fight - kill or die
his blade is gleaming and from it blood is streaming
none shall survive beyond the light of dawn
none shall survive beyond morning light
vengeance served with cold delight, bodies split in two
bone and sinew spray for debts that come to be repaid
bloodlust in your mind, the painful truth is what theyll find
the course is at an end, to hell is where he sends you
swordmaster, bounty hunter for the damned
stand and fight - kill or die
the master moves on, keeping the balance of the world
crusher of souls and ruler of hell

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