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This song is by 3 Feet Smaller and appears on the album December 32nd (2009).

Who the hell are you?
I thought I know you
But I just found out all I know is your name
The whole time I spent with you was just a game.
You played by your own rules, your acting's pretty good,
All these years I thought we could
Spend eternity together now and forever
's there something more eternal than the word forever?

If you want to leave
Just talk to me
We're both fed up of living our dreams (2x)

Who the hell is this?
Bothering our lives
I'm no longer desensitised
All these years I have lived by your lies
So do what you want to, get drunk and get screwed
By someone who's better than me,
More tolerant than me, more laid back than me
I thought that we could spend eternity.


We both need to work on ourselves to get this straight.
I want to share with you before it's too late
Could you please spend eternity with me?

If you want to leave
Just talk to me
We're both fed up of living our dreams (2x)

So please don't leave
Please stay with me
The dream I wanna live is you and me

Till eternity

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