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Declaration Of Dependance

This song is by 3 Feet Deep.

Fridays have never lasted so long
Rain was so appropriate
For the setting and downfall
Of my heart
Just so hard to comprehend
That for 4 dollars
I can have my heart
Ripped to shreds

I should've known, they told me
But I just couldn't hear
The words they said all fell upon deaf ears
Just go away
High expectations lead to nothing
But disappointment
And I hate the way you make me
Hate myself

This song's so damn emo it makes me sick
The things you make me do
Waiting in endless procession
That halts my life
I wish I had my life in my own hands
But you have the reigns
And you're steering me off the road
Leads to your heart

I wish life had no consequences
Or else my body would lie
Cold under the dust and darkness
Of sharpened steel
The crazy things I say because of you
That feeling again
Of illuminated eyes
Meeting mine

I want to give you goosebumps again
Listen to the echo of my heartbeat
Your hand in mine, unacquainted
With the world around us
But homecoming calls and you have to leave
Because hes there
Where I should be with you
Stealing the show

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