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Do I Ever Make You Wonder

This song is by 3LW.

I can tell you all the truth tonight
To say the things to you I knew would hurt inside
Just because Im down its no excuse
To take the way I feel in out on you
But I apalogize to you for acting like a child
But could we start tonight again by holding me a while

Do I ever make you wonder why you fell in love with me?
I can be frustrating and I know I make you crazy
Do you still think about me in you're dreams
Do I ever make you wonder about me

Dont know why I say the things I say
You have always understood me anyways
Close to you is where I wanna be
I dont have to test your love for me
Dont know where Id be if you werent always by my side
Taking you for granted never hurt more than tonight


Even though I make mistakes
Look I never wonder
What a day would be without you
And I hope we never loose what keeps us together
Always me and you


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