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Christmas Party

This song is by 3LW and appears on the album Naughty Or Nice (2001).

Won't you get up? It's a party
What you waitin on?
What you came here for?
Why you sittin there for?
Playing that role?
Actin unsure?
What all that for?
It's Christmas, it's a holiday
Time for shopping, spend that money
We gon' party cause I know you wanna dance

Hey, get off the wall
Get on the floor
And get to steppin
Hey, kill all the talk
Get on the floor
And get to steppin

Won't you get up out that corner
Throw ya hands up
Get yo man's and them up
Hurry up before the DJ quit
Spinning that-
Playing that-
Hot stuff can't get enough
So don't stop
Till you get enough
Get on the floor
It's that time of year again

(Repeat Hook (2x))

(Treach's Rap)

(Vamp Out)