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Lost Highway

This song is by 32 Below and appears on the album 32 Below (2002).

Driving down the old dirt road with 5 good friends of mind
Watch the world just fly right by just wasting all our time
Came together for a reason
Never stopping, just believing,
There's really nothing like this feeling
Cause these are the day we're young and wild and free
No one else can take away what we believe
There'll be some rainy days, rough roads along the day
Looking for that lost highway

Enough money to pay our bills getting by in this old van
Not a worry on our mind, gonna get out while we can
Leave our cares behind us
Don't know where we're going
Throwing caution into the wind and keep this thing a rolling

Looking back into the past and the roads we have taken
Realized the lost highway's the road that we've been paving

Lost highway

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