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Willing To Survive One Day At A Time Like The Band Survivor That Wrote The Song Eye Of The Tiger

This song is by 30 Foot Fall and appears on the album Acme-143 (1997).

She got so stressed from all the nonsense
She tried to look the other way
She said that life is like a never ending cycle
And she's gonna break free and get away
Work like hell to pay some bills
And try to find some extra time
But she never gave up she kept her pace
And always had her pride
Her name's not the issue it's her will to survive
Taking life as it comes one day at a time
Yesterday's over tomorrow's a blur somehow she's gonna make it work
Sexism, misogyny, things some men don't understand objectified,
Abused and lied to love taken for granted
Her selfless giving of love meant nothing
To the men that ruined those years
And now she's standing all alone
A tower of strength and tears.

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