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Feel Like Morrissey

This song is by 30 Foot Fall and appears on the album Acme-143 (1997).

I was a happy idiot I didn't know what pain meant
Thanks for showing me the deal I hurt so bad
That I can't feel I was a happy idiot
Now I'm in a world of shit thanks a lot,
I needed that now will you stop kicking my ass?
Now I feel like morrissey band-aids on my nipples
'Cause I feel like morrissey everyday is like Sunday
I wish I would have just stayed home
I wish you would've left me alone
And now look at what I've got
I had a joy division attack
Now all I wear is black opened my heart,
You kept your shut and now you left me on my butt
Now I'm a lonely idiot hope I don't always feel like this
Hurt me so bad that I can't see
And now I feel like morrissey
Last night I dreamt somebody loved me
I will never marry sing me to sleep,
'Cause I feel like morrissey girlfriend in a coma
Never had no one ever is it really so strange?
I know it's over there is a light that never goes out
Please, please, please, let me get what I want
Angel don't take your life some people have got
No pride they do not understand the urgency of life
But I love you more than life.

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