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Untitled, Pt. 2

This song is by 30 Day Warranty.

You say fuck them all
And do you punch the wall?
Well I don't know 'cause I'm not there
This meditation of his heart
Could be a way for you to start
To look at everything around you

You can't see and you don't know
If you never learn how can you grow?
You won't find the answer lying on the floor
Breakup, Breakdown, throwing pieces all around
Colliding with the people close to you

It's not a matter of respect
Or the place for dignity
You're sounding like you're life's a wreck
So would you listen please?
To me, and maybe, maybe I'll explain this once again
He's not a thing on which your life depends

Shoot the words right back at him
Or you could try to baffle him
With invalidated points that he's made

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