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2 Live Blues

This song is by 2 Live Crew and appears on the album As Nasty As They Wanna Be (1989).

I bring home the bacon
B**ch I put it in your hand
But behind my back b**ch
You been seen with another man
Oh I just had to shed a tear
B**ch you got to leave here
Is it me or him baby?
So long my motherf**kin' dear

Come lay your black a** down
Right beside me
Hold onto my d**k
While I grab a little bit of that pu**y
Suck it right
B**ch suck it all night
And if you ask me to eat some pu**y
I choke your black a** all night

Since my baby left me
I been doin' well on my own
F**ked the neighbour's wife
And broke up a happy home
Now the b**ch wanna live with me
This long d**k Chinese
B**ch if you can't fry rice
Well get your bald-head a** out tonight

I met this raggedy b**ch
Down on southwest eighth street
I f**k that b**ch from the top of her head
To the bunyons on her motherf**kin' feet
I said B**ch as long as your pu**y is
It's a g*ddamn sin
I gotta hold an ironing board across your chest
To keep from fallin' in "

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