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Niggaz Done Changed

This song is by 2Pac.

Holla at my nigga 2Pac
gonna do what we do gonna stand this cause it's
way understandable niggaz done change

(Richie Rich)

A tiskit a taskit my calicod made of plastic niggas be makin it hard
when fuckin wit mydome in the zone niggaz be gettin peppersprad bad
trick'in wit all the boys done got that heffa laid down and it hurts
cause dont nothin change it's all the same thats why I come real cause
I'm so heavy off in this game I been there done taught that niggaz
screamin got dat standin here wit nothin but a handfulla game and belive
he bought that cause here the game is to be sold not told aint no
newjack nigga just gonna jump in so bitch ride on gold, un uh nigga
gotta make some moves, nigga gotta pay some due's see what it feel like
to lose 200 bundles 400 bundles fuck it a G, marchin good shots find out
you really aint got no D, you's amaginin shit and havin $money$ punk is
real dont be the 1st to get checked nigga betta retrospect.


No more regular rappin dare me to cap 'em and watch me blast these niggas
be acttin for the simple fact playa I'm a man I lash on my enenmies for
multiple sinneries forcin my advesaries to bleed when they seein my
though east coast born I'm west coast raised. Sent so much dick throughout the click that now they Deathrow slaves. Father forgive me for thug livin I'm through
with this drug dealin I'll leave it to Clinton and all the niggaz that
love prison brothers be ballin Rich if you need me call I'll open fire
on muthafuckaz and murder 'em all me mista Makaveli plus i'm bustin' fuck
what they tell me I'm makin these muthafuckaz hop on they toes like
Calvin Bally I've been shot and murdered cant tell you how it happened
word for word but best believe that niggaz gon get what they deserve
in the same way good bless my brain cause game pays gettin cash and as
for dayz now niggaz done changed


(Richie Rich)

Call on the real niggaz when it's time to bring the heat suburban
swervin hells are deep in seat cheat cause it'll be clean when we sweep
lets duff these niggaz and hit they ass in their sleep blow their chest
up cause they hate'in and segragatin niggaz crossin lanes it's time to
blow your brains before I shot this nigga I heard him scream 1 love 15
in the clip I only used 1 slug for him.


Hey now picture me rollin Biggie Smalls got his eye swollen my hand on
my nuttz I givez a fuck I'm-a die holdin makin these hoes pause while
sceemin on no draws no money involved kinda pussy, dick and some alcohol.
Picture me rollin horny hoes get the hoes dug I might show em thug
passion but I'll never show em love cant hit me in combat relentless
when we ride stratigiz on my ememies and plot until they die. Ask me why
I'm high and my reply 'till the day I die, dont wanna picture this cold
world through sobber eyes. Thugz dont die we multiply connect with the
spirit of fallin homies and bustaz then we rise we surprise niggaz when
they seen us they duck down different from what they anticipated we aim
and bust rounds fuckin clowns still watchin clips of I get around,
snarrin like a bitch when I beat um down niggaz done changed.


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