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Coma Moon

This song is by 22-Pistepirkko and appears on the album Eleven (1998).

I have to find pretty
Girl soon
I want to go on a honey moon
I pronaus you husband and wife
Sea of caribbean here we come

I can't see
I can't hear
What they are doing for me

I can't feel
I'm not here
Still i know
What's going on

Got a divorce
And married again
I love honeymoons
I want all our presents with us
Mexico here we come

I want more hair
And flat belly
Beaytiful body
Tight muscels too

I can't speak
This is freak
But it's real
Am i dead

I can't feel
I'm not here
I still know
What's going on

Throw your flowers to next one
Kiss your mam and dad goodbye
Let's wawe to everybody
Hong kong here we come

I want more hair
And flat belly
Beautiful body
Tight muscels too
I don't know you
I don't know nothing
What's going on here
Tell me please

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