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Cave Man

This song is by 20 Fingers and appears on the album 20 Fingers (1995).

(Cavemen grunting)


Ooga-ca-cha-ooga-ca-cha-ooga-cacha-ooh {x2}

Huh ooh {x4}

Heres a little lesson you find in history book
One million years ago before the earth first shook
There was a quest for fire yeah like everybody know
But heres a tale of quest for sex
And this is how it goes
In my quest for sex
Me choose my favorite grub
Mick-si-mick-si-oog-nag-la (say what) that means I want your love
So I grabbed her by her num-nums
And she began to rave
Then I bashed her with me club (boing) and drug her to me cave (hahaha)

(Ill sock it to you daddy)
That's what she said
(Ill sock it to you daddy)
As she rubbed the head
(Ill sock it to you daddy)
She made me scream Oh
(Ill sock it to you daddy)
Listen to my theme

Caveman baby
And I'm on a quest for sex
Try me and Ill eat you like tyrannosaurus rex
Caveman baby
Feel the wrath of me club
Mick-si-hoog-ni-oog-nag-la that means I want your love

Huh Caveman ooh {x2}

My second quest for sex
Me went to Bedrock next
Me heard the freaks come out at night
Me heard they were the best
So I rolled my wheel over
To kick my rocks off
Clicki-lock-a-hoog-lag-lag that means how much it cost
She said this much I say you crazy as I pull me club
And thenshe grabbed my nana (ouch) and gave it a big tug
I got dizzy and passed out and when I woke I scream
Because between her legs she had the same thing as me
Oh no!

(Ill sock it to you daddy)
Please no no don't!
(Ill sock it to you daddy)
Me no think I want
(Ill sock it to you daddy)
I think I gon be sick

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