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Album by 20 Fingers.
  1. Sex Machine (featuring Katrina)
  2. Round We Go (featuring Big Sister)
  3. Cave Man (featuring Bongo Boys)
  4. Electric Slide (featuring Dance Factor)
  5. Bring It Bac (featuring Bongo Boys)
  6. Choke My Chicken (featuring Ted Tubbacki and Booger)
  7. 100% Woman (featuring Vicki R.)
  8. The Raw (featuring Bongo Boys)
  9. Short Dick Man (featuring Gillette)
  10. Holding On to Love (featuring Rochelle)
  11. Postion #9 (featuring Nerada)
  12. Mr. Personality (featuring Gillette)
  13. Lick It (featuring Roula)
  14. Take Your Time (featuring Max-A-Million)
  15. Work That Love (featuring Jr. Flex)
  16. Popsicle Love (featuring Cassandra)
  17. Fatboy (featuring Max-A-Million)
  18. Little Melody (featuring Bongo Boys)

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