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And I Go

This song is by 16 Volt and appears on the album SuperCoolNothing (1998) and on the album SuperCoolNothing v2.0 (2002).

It's become apparent
In my head, the little machine
In the light, I'm quite transparent
In the dark, I'm such a dream

There are two sides to me
Sometimes I set the evil one free
'Cause I'm in love with the devil
And she's in love with me

And I go, and I go away...

Sometimes I lose myself
Sometimes in a bad way
It's never-ending, I'm going to hell
As long as you go with me

When your down you'll only want it more
Isn't it nature to break somebody's heart?

And I go, and I go away...

I won't treat you wrong
And I wont treat you bad
And in my eyes tonight
And if your all alone
I will be your only...

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